Nothing happens if you don’t act

We look actively for prevailing societal needs and do something about them. Not just on our own, but always in consultation with all people involved. We transcend gender, age, origin, socio-economic status or religious beliefs and see the strength, talent and potential of every human being. The richness lies precisely in gender and diversity. And then we start working accordingly.

The heart of EVA bxl

Our core values are sacred. They are internally and externally the face of our organization. They tell – no matter what – a clear, strong and clear-cut story and keep our noses pointed in the same direction.

  • Solidary in Diversity

    We create new forms of cooperation and connect despite or better thanks to differences in origin, language, gender, age, socio-economic status or religious beliefs.

  • Creative and innovative

    It can be different. EVA bxl proves it. In our initiatives, everyone, but really everyone is moving forward.

  • Co-construction

    We swear by transparent and close collaborations. The wisdom and commitment of each party involved are essential to us. Who listens, understands. Who understands, finds solutions.

  • Consistently

    Words become actions and result in innovative projects, for and through all involved parties.

A good start

Our first step is always – for each project – an open dialogue. No mono and solo at EVA bxl’s, but co-construction. We talk to those involved in order to recognize the societal needs and understand them perfectly.

Then we put our heads together, searching for innovative solutions. Those brainstorms lead to example projects that are set up in different types and forms. We all have one goal in mind: creating opportunities for higher incomes, decent work and more possibilities for personal evolvement.

Everyone – yes, everyone – progresses

Everyone is entitled to qualitative education, loving care, decent housing, a paid job.
Unfortunately, reality tells a different story. Regulations of services and (care) systems are often not tuned to gender, diversity and urban life-as-it is.

Especially (low-skilled) Brussel civilians with little income or a migration background get excluded. That is why EVA bxl constructively looks for alternatives to an inclusive, solidarity-based society.

And when we say progress for everyone, we mean everyone: users, employees, volunteers, partners; if we all move in the right direction, we grow as an individual, an organization and as a society.

The power of resilience

We are more than convinced: if you have a job, you feel connected with society. And that goes along with good energy and self-respect. EVA bxl pulls her socks up to create – where possible – opportunities.

Personal growth is at least as important. Having a network, being acknowledged for an expertise or getting the chance to develop talents: our co-constructive approach makes the difference. Always.

When institutions and services are conscious and inclusive, the society reaps the benefits of it. A resilient community responds adequately to actual needs. It thinks and acts proactively.

From friction to glory

If we don’t feel resistance, so now and then? Of course, that happens. Frictions are part of the job. But we don’t get discouraged easily, you know. We realize that raising awareness and change take time.

We test and evaluate thoroughly – with the people involved – the solutions we find for contemporary social problems. That’s why all our initiatives have our backs. Our projects prove that not only we have a good gut feeling, but also that our expertise actually pays off.