Culturally sensitive care ambassador

Care organizations love to reach out for the divers Brussels public. Therefore, of course, they need to be able to pop up with a diverse and often custom made offer. EVA bxl brought supply and demand together in a tender project for elderly people, who are not seldom in need of an (in)formal care network.

People with a migration background and informal experience in the care sector represent a bunch of skills. But their potential must be noticed. Caregivers who are looking for a job, can subscribe for a work/learning course to become a culturally sensitive care ambassador. 

Take a look at the website and find out more about Empowering Migrants for Employment (EME).

Want to feel the passion of our care ambassadors? Watch the video below.




Veerle Van Kets 02/274 01 98

Kamille De Backer 02/274 01 98

Partners: Kenniscentrum WWZ, VUB – BAS, Groep INTRO, Odisee – HIG, Brusselleer, CVO Brussel, Aksent, Familiehulp, Solidariteit voor het Gezin, Thuiszorg Brabant, Medikuregem, Cosmos, Maison Biloba Huis, Gammes, Arbetarnas bildningsförbund, Piteå Kommun, Työväen Sivistysliitto and many more.

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