Together for a diploma

EVA bxl takes up the challenge of investigating what is needed for (young)adults with a migration background to obtain a higher education diploma that corresponds to their talents and professional aspiration. In this way we hope to give a boost to people with a migration background who are still underrepresented in higher education. 

EVA bxl started a preliminary study to sharply define the challenges, all this in collaboration with Twisted studio, an agency specialized in Service Design. Those challenges have meanwhile been translated into “How do we turn the (resume of) studying in higher education of adults with a migration background into a success story?”.  

Thanks to ESF Flanders, EVA bxl was given the opportunity to further examine this question. The research project will run until end 2022. We do want to explore all possible opportunities and we are therefore working together with various stakeholders: people with a migration background themselvescolleges, Actiris and VDAB, employers and policy makers.  In addition, we work with transnational partners: OMAS (France) and the Het Begint met Taal foundation (Netherlands).  

Do you feel challenged by this topic? Do you want to share/exchange ideas? Or do you see a possible collaboration in here? Pascaline is there for you! 


Pascaline Mbida 0470/19 79 88

Partners: Elmer vzw, het Huis van het Nederlands, Erasmus hogeschool Brussel, Odisee Hogeschool and Karel De Grote Hogeschool.

Transnational partners: Omas and the foundation Het Begint met Taal 

With support from ESF Flanders